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Divya Industries is going to be one of India’s leading agro brand catering to a diverse range of superior quality products.

Family Aata
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Family Aata by Divya Industries is whole wheat atta, which is much more than just a wheat atta product. Sourced from one of the best wheat-growing region of India, MP, this atta comes with its inherent goodness. The quality of these wheat grains is so good that they are preferred by the people of Punjab too, considered one of the best agro regions in India. Chosen and plucked from the best fields in MP, these golden grains with their natural shine are scrutinized by experts to ensure the best possible quality for Family atta. Processed and packed with extreme hygiene, we as manufacturers leave no stone unturned to keep the nutritional value and the taste quotient intact.


Enjoy the best fluffy Rotis made of Family Aata

Fresh & Healthy

Grown by some of the best farmers of rural India

100% Organic

Healthy, convenient and packed with nutrition


Family Aata

Family atta, derived from the best-grown wheat grains in India, is a class apart in excellence. This atta continues to be the superior wheat flour in the atta category. Nurtured and cultivated by experienced hands of the Sehore and Vidisha regions in MP, the wheat crops for the perfect Sharbati atta are blessed by nature.


Divya Industries

Divya Industries is going to be one of India’s leading agro brands catering to a diverse range of superior quality products including Besan, Rava, Maida, Atta, Sharbati Atta, and Oil. We will be Widely recognised as a market leader in the flour manufacturing segment, we understand how freshly served, delightful meals have been uniting everyone in India at the meal table. As we will be a renowned flour manufacturer we take pride in bringing the finest quality flour in its natural form loaded with nutrients to the tasty kitchens of India.


fluffy rotis

Family Aata is prepared through modern techniques using Buhler machinery. Family atta is also manufactured through this method to produce finely grounded atta which is rich in protein and fibers. Family atta is grounded from the best wheat and is distributed through an efficient delivery system.

We strive to do our bit and best for our customers every day. After all, you are the reason why we’re here.

“Family Aata, the premium wheat flour manufacturer in Eastern India follows a precise procedure consisting of five separate steps to bring the best quality food to you. Finest quality of wheat is collected and cleaned that goes through the processes of milling, sifting and accurate packaging that reaches your dinner table!”